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JO Compulsory & Optional Flipbook Errata

2015 Revised Errata to the current Flipbook

Clarifications on additional matting for floor exercise - Revised Floor Exercise


JO Codes Updates (Appendix Items & Errata)

- 09/06/14

1.       Appendix items that need to be updated:

a.       L9 Vault Value chart
b.      L9/10 Cheat sheet
c.       L6-8 Cheat Sheet
d.      L6-8 Scoresheet
e.      Vault scoresheet
f.       Optional Requirement chart
g.      Beam Symbols
h.      Floor symbols

2.      Errata (this is all-inclusive with the latest changes at the top.)

Continuing Professional Educational(CPE) Clinic courses and approval form

JO Compulsory Program 2013-2021 Replacement Pages

Differences in the Compulsory Routines

Levels 1-2

Levels 3-5