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    Membership - What's New for the 2020/2021 Season

    All athlete members will now register as athlete.

    • USA Gymnastics has been able to provide the introductory athlete membership at a very steep discount, for a select number of levels for many years.
    • However, as part of an effort to update and simplify our membership structure, meet the demand of rising operational costs, and continue to provide value to all members, we have decided to discontinue the introductory athlete membership.


    2020/2021 Membership Dues:

    • Athlete: $63
    • Professional: $95 (includes 1 discipline)
    • Junior Professional: $95 (includes 1 discipline)
    • Instructor: $17
    • Member Club: $225
    • University: $160
    • Judging Association: $160
    • Event Production: $300


    Modifications have been made to the add/remove members to the club roster.

    • Member Club’s ability to add/remove individuals to club rosters has been restored.
    • However, the approval/denial process will remain, meaning that both the individual and the member club will need to approve/deny the request. Members and clubs will need to approve/deny requests, similar to social media platforms.
    • The approval/denial process is intended to ensure that both parties are aware of what/whom are being added to rosters.


    Adult Athletes (18 or older):

    • Athletes 18 or older are required to complete the U110: U.S. Center for SafeSport course as a condition of membership. 
    • New for 2020/2021, athletes who do not comply with the mandate will be placed in a pending status.


    Meet Reservation:

    • The functionality now includes the ability to mark sanctions full by level and/or discipline. 


    New Organizational Membership Options:

    • Organizational membership types are intended for business and/or institution, that either has gymnastics instruction and/or are in an institution that intends to obtain USA Gymnastics sanctioned events, such as event production companies.
    • In an effort to better align membership requirements, price points and benefits, we are expanding membership options for organizational members. 
    • The 4 new membership types will cut down on confusion for owners/administrators of companies that don’t fit into the traditional, Member Club membership structure: 
    1. Member Club: Any business that provides day-to-day gymnastics instruction, with amateur athletes, as well as, register/compete an athlete and/or a team of athletes in any USA Gymnastics sanctioned event.
    2. University: Any higher education institution that register/compete an athlete and/or a team of athletes in any USA Gymnastics sanctioned event.
    3. Judging Association: Judging institution (example; NAWGJ) that hosts USA Gymnastics sanctioned events.
    4. Event Production: Any business that does not have gymnastics instruction, but rather provides meet production/registration services. 

    Online Registration Reminders


    • Parents/guardians are able to login to the USA Gymnastics website with their own username and password to register or renew their children's membership.


    • Clubs no longer need to send an emailed invite link to the parents/guardians. Rather, the club administrator will have the ability to click a button via the club roster that will send parents/guardians an email with renewal instructions.


    • All adult (18+) members are responsible for logging into the USA Gymnastics website with his/her username and password to register/renew his/her membership.


    • A non-member can affiliate with a club by logging into the USA Gymnastics website and adding the club to his/her profile.


    • Owners/managing directors of a member club must hold an active professional membership to renew the member club's membership.


    • Club administrators will notice that there is no longer a separate athlete or professional roster. Rather, all rosters have been combined and renamed, Club Roster. Club administrators will be able to use the new filter features on the roster page to view members affiliated with the club.

    Registration How-to Guides


    These guides can help organizations, members and parent/guardians navigate the online registration system.

    • Organization Administrator How-To Guide: Organization administrators are encouraged to use the how-to guide, linked below, for an overview and step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the online organization administration features, organization rosters and more. Click here to view.
    • Adult Member How-To Guide: Adult members are encouraged to use the Membership Registration How-To Guide for instructions on how to register or renew individual memberships. Click here to view
    • Parent How-To Guide: Parents registering minor members are encouraged to use the Parent How-To Guide for instructions on how to register or renew minor members. Click here to view.

    USA Gymnastics Statements

    March 30th, 2020
    A Message from Li Li Leung

    The last several years have had a profound impact on us, and have necessitated changes in nearly every aspect of our sport. Each of us has had to process what it means to truly create change and transform our culture, while still continuing to celebrate everything that makes gymnastics the incredible sport it is. 

    Now, we are facing a global pandemic, and the concerns that come with that about our own health and well-being, and those of our children, parents, grandparents, neighbors, and the entire global community.

    We do not yet know the magnitude of this pandemic, or the extent of the emotional, physical and financial toll that will result from it. We do not know what events we will be able to hold or participate in this year, or what “normal” will look like on the other side of this. 

    What we do know is that even though we are all facing hardship and even though we are physically apart, we are coming together to support each other in so many ways – virtual training for athletes, sharing business resources between club owners, and even using the power of social media and our love of gymnastics to stay connected to each other during this isolating time. That is powerful, and worth celebrating.

    There is so much uncertainty right now, and that is unsettling. But, I am certain that if we continue to think about how we can support our athletes and community, how we can continue to show each other kindness and compassion, and how we can keep coming together even while we are apart, I know that we will be even stronger as a community when we emerge from this. 

    This community has shown tremendous resilience in the past and I have no doubt that our strength will help us persevere again. 

    Thank you for your patience as we try to work through this and provide resources for you all. Thank you for your compassion, for your creativity and ideas, and for your commitment to helping the community navigate this unprecedented situation together.

    Stay strong,
    Li Li Leung,
    President & CEO, USA Gymnastics


    March 27th, 2020
    "With the postponement of the Olympic Games now official, there are a number of resulting impacts to our community, particularly around events that would have occurred this year, that are still unclear. We are working through contingency plans and hope to provide an update as soon as possible. But, we also know that any new plans will be tentative at best, until we have a better idea of how long this continuing pandemic will affect us. 

    We are in the process of exploring alternative dates for events that have been impacted by the Coronavirus and the postponement of the Tokyo Games. Specifically, we are working with the USOPC and the St. Louis Sports Commission to reschedule the Olympic Trials, once the new dates for the Olympics Games are set. We are hopeful that we will be able to hold Olympic Trials in St. Louis in 2021. We are also exploring rescheduling the 2020 GK U.S. Classic, 2020 U.S. Championships, 2020 USA Gym Champs and 2020 National Congress and Tradeshow sometime in July or August, assuming it will be safe and prudent to hold events at that time.

    As you can imagine, working through the rescheduling of these events, and the details of each, is challenging and complex, so we truly appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate through this. 

    As soon as new information is available, we will share it with you.” 

    Kim  Lauderdale-Stepanek

    Kim Lauderdale-Stepanek

    Regional Chairman