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    2022 National/USA Brevet Judges' Courses

    Requirements for Course Eligibility reduced by half:

    A. USAG/NAWGJ Regional/National Educational Events – Only 1 required between 01/01/2018 - 12/31/2021

    B. Volunteering at a minimum of Two (2) separate functions for a total of 12 hours (minimum of 2 hours per event) = NOW total of 6 hours required with a minimum of 1 function.

    Contact USA Gymnastics

    1099 N Meridian Street Suite 800
    Indianapolis, IN  46204

    Member Services 800-345-4719
    Fax 317-732-1791



    Kim  Lauderdale-Stepanek

    Kim Lauderdale-Stepanek

    Regional Chairman